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Embracing a Relaxed Coastal Lifestyle

Embracing a Relaxed Coastal Lifestyle

In a world brimming with fast-paced routines and digital hustle, there's an undeniable charm in embracing a slower, more relaxed lifestyle. Krisi Cristalli, the visionary behind the beloved d'annata Boutique located in Tivoli Village, Las Vegas, understands this sentiment all too well. After nearly a decade of curating a haven of gifts, clothing, home decor, and all things delightful, Krisi is excited to embark on a new venture: d'annata beach, a second location nestled in the picturesque Newport Beach.

A Decade of Elegance: d'annata boutique in Las Vegas

For 9.5 years, d'annata boutique has flourished as more than just a store; it's become a sanctuary of beauty and sophistication in the heart of Las Vegas. Krisi Cristalli's unwavering passion for artistry and design has infused the boutique with a unique personality, offering visitors an enchanting shopping experience unlike any other. From exquisite clothing pieces to tastefully selected home decor items, d’annata boutique has been a testament to Krisi's dedication to all things pretty.

Expanding Horizons: The Birth of d'annata beach

With the success and adoration garnered by d’annata boutique, Krisi Cristalli is ready to share her artistic flair beyond the desert landscape. The newest addition to the d’annata family, d’annata Beach, is set to capture the essence of coastal living, infusing it with the same warmth and charm that has made the Las Vegas boutique a staple.

A Relaxed Coastal Lifestyle in Newport Beach

Nestled in the inviting embrace of Newport Beach, d’annata Beach aspires to bring a touch of calm and serenity to the bustling California coastline. Krisi envisions the store as more than just a retail space; it's a haven where visitors can escape the daily rush and immerse themselves in a world of coastal charm

A Creative Haven

Krisi Cristalli's vision for d’annata beach is nothing short of a creative haven. Drawing from her experience with d’annata boutique, she intends to foster a space where customers feel inspired to explore their personal style, embracing the relaxed beachy vibe that Newport Beach is renowned for. From nautical elements to soothing color palettes, d’annata beach will encapsulate the essence of coastal living in every corner.

As Krisi Cristalli embarks on this exciting new chapter with the opening of d'annata beach, it's clear that her dedication to creating inviting and elegant spaces remains steadfast. Through the success of d'annata boutique and the promise of d'annata beach, Krisi continues to remind us of the beauty in slowing down, cherishing the little things, and embracing a lifestyle that resonates with our deepest desires for comfort and elegance. So, if you're seeking a piece of the coastal paradise to call your own, d'annata beach might just be the sanctuary you've been dreaming of.


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